Sprained ankles are the type of injury most people experience in the course of their lives, and mild cases often heal with rest and staying off your feet. In some cases, however, ankle sprains cause tearing in the ligaments, a serious problem that needs expert treatment. Our surgeons, of Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic in Greenwood Village, Colorado, have extensive experience treating all types of ankle injuries, so if your ankle is causing you pain or affecting your mobility, call the clinic today or book an appointment online.

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What is an ankle sprain?

A sprain is the tearing or stretching of the ligaments that connect bones and stabilize joints. Sprains are different from strains, which affect the tendons rather than the ligaments.

An accurate diagnosis of ankle injuries is important, to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment; you may even have fractured the ankle, so it’s essential to have your condition assessed by expert foot and ankle surgeons like ours.

If appropriate treatment is delayed or not given at all, it can lead to the permanent weakening of the legs and ankles and chronic pain problems.

What causes sprained ankles?

Ankle injuries are usually due to a physical cause such as:

  • Playing sports
  • Walking or running on an uneven surface
  • Falling over
  • Falling from a height
  • Accidents
  • Wearing unsuitable footwear for the activity
  • Doing something beyond your physical capability

Some people are born with weaker ankles that make them more prone to injury, and if you’ve injured an ankle in the past, you may find it’s more susceptible to problems in the future.

How is an ankle sprain diagnosed?

It’s important to determine what’s causing the pain. The ankle could be sprained, strained, or fractured, or there may be another cause for the symptoms (for example, the formation of a blood clot). When you visit our surgeons, they look at your medical history and examine the affected ankle to assess the probable cause. They may ask for digital X-rays or ultrasound exam so they can see the internal structures of the ankle, which you can have performed onsite at Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic.

How is a sprained ankle treated?

As soon as you incur an injury or twist your ankle, it’s a good idea to apply ice-packs and use a compression bandage to minimize the swelling. You may also need anti-inflammatories and pain-relieving medication if you’re in a lot of pain or there’s substantial swelling.

Our surgeons can fit you with a special boot, brace, or cast to immobilize your foot and ankle. This prevents further damage by relieving pressure and gives the injury an opportunity to heal.

Physical therapy is vital to healing the ligaments and restoring function, and our surgeons give you information on the most suitable types of exercises, as well as arranging sessions with a physical therapist.

Sometimes surgery is necessary to repair torn or severed ligaments.

Our doctors are highly-qualified specialist foot and ankle surgeons with extensive expertise in repairing damaged ligaments. They will carry out the best form of treatment to ensure a safe and effective recovery from your injury, so call and make an appointment or use the booking form on the Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic website today.